Security Token Services.

Deqode has attained a niche position in creating and developing personalized blockchain solutions for more than 50 clients. We conceptualize and develop blockchain based solutions for regulatory compliance and management of security token offering (as per the needs of the issuer). Our adept team has expertise in developing security tokens solutions and implementing effective strategies for your STO Launch. We offer an end-to-end platform to issue, manage and trade security tokens on a decentralized marketplace.

Liquidity & Asset Digitization
Security Tokens are deemed to be more stable and have the capacity to symbolize fractional ownership of a particular asset. They bring liquidity and eliminate administrative burdens of traditional private securities. The assets with higher value ETFs, gold funds, bonds, equities, stocks get can be digitized can further transacted through security tokens.

We have helped businesses reap tons of benefits when seeking to tokenize their company’s equities. We ensure automated trade regulation by embedding compliant rules in the token itself. Our STO platform solutions are modular to support multiple restriction rules that can be managed dynamically as per the requirements of the SEC or the issuer.


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What Is A Security Token?

Security tokens are crypto tokens that pass the Howey Test. These tokens usually derive value from a tradable external asset. They are subject to federal securities and regulations and hence, are deemed as Securitized tokens. Security Token Offering is built to increase the investors' trust to invest in various projects.

Difference Between Utility and Security Token
Failed the Howey Test Passed the Howey Test
Unregulated Token Sales Regulated Offerings
Investors purchase products and services in advance Hodlers gain profit sharing rights
Not subjected to various SEC regulations and federal securities Subject to various SEC regulations and federal securities
Ownership of Asset Access to Protocol
Used to access provided services Used as an investment vehicle
Types of Security Tokens

Security tokens can be of different types based on the asset they are being traded against. They comply with practices like KYC and AML and allow businesses to raise funds from investors in a crowdfunding mechanism.

Equity Tokens

Equity tokens allow investors to register themselves as part owners of the company and receive a percentage of voting rights.

Reserve Asset Tokens

Reserve Asset Tokens are backed by real-world assets such as real-estate, gold, oil etc.

Debt Tokens

Debt Tokens are issued by the company to debt investors. They are not backed up by real-world assets or equity - but hold a promise to payback.

Deqode end-to-end security token offering services

Our STO development services are focused on token creation, visual and technical designing, code testing and audits, blockchain migration to a new platform, manual and automated testing, fully integrated KYC/AML platform development. Our solutions grant companies the ability to raise funds.

Token Creation
  • Custom Ethereum Token
  • Token Wallet as per Regulatory Protocol
  • Custom Blockchain
Token Issuance
  • Automated KYC/AML Integration
  • Automated Accredited Investor Verification
  • KYC/AML Records Registry
  • Accredited Investors Registry
  • Funds Raised Investment Details
Token Lifecycle Management
  • Stakeholder Registry
  • Integrated Voting Rights Platform
  • Investor Management Dashboard
  • Regulation Management
  • Portfolio Management for Investors
  • Token Management
  • Integrated Dividend Issuance Platform
  • Integrated Help Desk on Dashboard
  • Audit Reports Checklists
  • Event Announcements

We ensure that these rules and regulations are embedded in the token ecosystem to facilitate secure investor management and compliant management of security tokens. Moreover, our STO platform development services allows token issuers to focus on their business concept, marketing, and all the other aspects of security tokens without needing to be concerned with any of the many technical challenges.

Standard protocol for token creation

We provide token infrastructure solutions which will allow your STO platform to significantly improve user experience while providing extra security. We employ mechanisms into our smart contracts which only externally owned accounts to sign messages using their private keys and allow interactions only from the accredited investors in your network.

ERC 20 Compliant

The permissioned security tokens are based on ERC20 standards making them ethereum wallet compatible

ERC 725 and ERC 735

These identity management standards are crucial in establishing investor restrictions based on security token requirements

Our STO development packages .
Base Package Customized STO development package
Custom Token Creation (ETH)
Token Wallet
Admin Dashboard
User Dashboard/Portal
KYC Base Package
High-end customization based
on your platform requirement
Automated Accredited Investor Verification
Smart contract (Development, Execution and Maintenance)
Helpdesk Integration on Dashboard
Customised Website
Owner’s Manual (Whitepaper)
Support plan (Live Chat/ Email Support)

Our team will guide you through the best process for your STO launch, providing an all-inclusive development support which is customized to meet your fundraising goals. From conceptual STO development, smart contracts to website development and deployment, we can help you maintain the entire infrastructure of your STO.