All Technologies.

Aqua Digital Rising

Built the AllStars Trader (AST) platform, a revolutionary brokerage allowing anyone to trade CFDs, based on real people, alongside traditional trading products.

Fandom Sports

Designed a robust architecture for a gamification service that is highly available, efficient, and could be scaled up to manage the data of billions of players in real-time.


Enabled DLT Transformation which provided consumers hassle-free, setup-free connectivity and the power to configure their workplace, in real-time.


Processed 23.7 million GB of data to aid business intelligence decisions.

Holiday Extras

Upgraded their frontend system with new features increasing brand value and equipping them to capitalize on future opportunities.

Leda Health

Built custom survivor-centric software that fosters survivor testing, prevention, and diagnostics for the users — with greater confidence and less operational complexity.


Created the wallet with a unique Pull Payment protocol that allowed merchants to accept crypto payments by ‘pulling’ funds from their customers’ wallets.


Implemented distributed system to increase data integrity, lower verification time, and disintermediation of transparency and trust significantly.


Managed cloud infrastructure to change the existing processes, deliver improvements and optimize the development and release of products.


Learn how we’re helping a fintech giant in processing payments of 2.7 million accounts using Deqode-built ‘Ethos Bedrock.


How Deqode helped a honeymoon platform raise over $600 million for its users.


How we scaled the development team of South Africa’s biggest hosting company