Since blockchain is a new technology, it’s not simple for businesses to directly jump into it without proper blockchain consultation. Companies are still exploring and contemplating whether integrating blockchain solutions into their businesses will actually be worth it. A lot of these dipstick blockchain tests are usually futile, costly and companies have to then go for a ‘forced’ use-case of the technology - without deducing if it would be worth investing in, and what value it could provide to their industry.

The secret to the success of any blockchain project is the use case on which the foundations of a project are built. These use cases should actually solve real-world problems. They should address the challenge that your business is facing - this is where blockchain consultation comes in.

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Deqode’s Blockchain Value Analysis Questionnaire (VAQ).

Deqode’s VAQ is a set of seven customized questions. It is a carefully designed framework that takes into account the nature of your business, the feasibility of a blockchain solution and application of the technology. These questions will help you identify if blockchain technology is a good fit for your company. The questionnaire is prepared by our analysts who have years of experience with providing blockchain consultation for enterprises. Post your answering, our team will respond with a detailed analysis that could blockchain is fit for your company.

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Our blockchain consultants with years of experience in implementing blockchain for businesses have developed a framework for blockchain assessment. With this free analysis, you will get a detailed answer if blockchain would fit your business - and where it could actually help your organization.

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