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What is IT Outsourcing?

Today, organizations are required to be more flexible and agile in a constantly shifting global economy. Putting more work on your employees' plates can cause increased stress and burnout, but using an Outsourced team can take that stressful part out of the equation.

Deqode’s IT Outsourcing services allows you to assemble a highly specialized technical team to build your application. Whether it is a single team member you wish to add or an entire pod - our world-class software engineers will allow you to quickly ramp up your team.

What is IT Outsourcing

How Does IT Outsourcing Work?

How does IT Outsourcing work?
  • A detailed call with our clients to fully understand their business needs, and expectations.
  • Depending on the project timeline and workload, we find the best developers who fit the exact tech stack and are also the best cultural fit for our client.
  • In the last step, our team and clients create a list of tasks and begin with an introductory engagement model.

Why partner with us?

Our IT Outsourcing approach has proved to be successful for 50+ clients, because it is quite different from what you would normally find:

  • We have, without question, the most professional, communicative, and responsible developers in the business.
  • We have developers who have hit the highest skill ceiling in open source technologies.
  • We are direct. Our developers will tell you if something would be good for your business, and if it will not be.
  • We offer flexible engagement options to help you manage both costs and time effectively.
  • No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster. It is our specialty.
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Core Values
Direct communication

IT Outsourcing allows you to interact with the outsourced team as if it's your own in-house department at each level. With agile tools, hourly work breakdowns, and daily standups, you get greater visibility into the work and effective collaboration throughout.

Core Values
Reduced hiring costs

One of the biggest benefits of Outsourcing is that most of the administrative costs are not passed on to you, and stay with the service. This allows you to hire the best possible personels, saving you the hassle of hiring, background checks, equipment, taxes, payroll, and benefits.

Core Values
Exceptional tech talent

Hiring tech talent is a tedious process, mainly when looking for special expertise. With Outsourcing, you get access to a diverse and experienced pool of tech talent bringing in new ideas and concepts to enhance business operations.

Core Values
Increased flexibility

With an Outsourced Team, you can easily ramp up or ramp down resources to manage sudden and unexpected workloads. The overall hiring process becomes highly flexible, more transparent, and optimized.

Core Values
Effortless recruitment

Outsourcing speeds up your recruitment process by eliminating the need for any of the steps in a typical recruitment process, like initial candidate screening or interviews. You save so much time, and you don't have to worry about any of the problems that come from hiring candidates this way.

Core Values
Less legal hassles

Our Outsourcing services takes care of all the legal paperwork, compliance, GDPR, data security, taxes, and regulatory responsibilities so you don't have to.

Core Values
Breaking through geological barriers

No matter where in the world you're based or what your requirements are, we can help you find the right specialist. We have resources across the world and we are committed to finding top talent for your business.

Core Values
Complete authority

When you opt for Outsourcing services, you get total control over your project. You shape how it will be completed and can call the shots at any point in the process. This means that you'll never face surprises or have to make changes in your original plans.

Core Values
Innovation and Transformation

With Outsourcing services you can keep up the pace of digital transformation without facing any operational and functional challenges. You get the chance to invest in new ideas and concepts to grow your business.

Our IT Outsourcing Client Stories.

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How does IT Outsourcing work?
  • 100+ web and mobile applications delivered
  • 100+ man-years of collective web and mobile development experience
  • High-profile POC and pilot programs analysis
  • Lean processes

IT Outsourcing
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  • IT outsourcing is basically using an external service provider to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and solutions to achieve specific business outcomes.

  • Some of the benefits of IT Outsourcing are; High level of IT expertise, Reduced IT costs, Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness and Compliance and Security.

  • IT outsourcing is divided into three types: offshoring, onshoring, and nearshoring.

  • A general IT Outsourcing contract costs differ according to the services you specifically need. Apart from general development, Design Complexity, Development Time and Choices of Tech stack factors in overall costs as well. Rest assured, Deqode provides the most competitive prices in the industry.