Everyone has lost their phone at some point of time in their lives, which is why we all are possessive about our mobile phones. Lost might not be the case always, but misplaced, broken, or maybe hacked sometime. Nothing can cause panic to a person more than not having a phone in the pocket, hands, or bag.

Ask a business owner how they manage to keep track of every mobile phone of the company. Sweat beads will form on the forehead just by thinking about losing the phone or getting the data hacked. Gone are the days when food, clothes, and a roof were the basic necessities of life.

The bare necessities of life in 2023 and post-2023 are – Food, Clothes, a Roof, Mobile phones, and the Internet…

And to add one more to the list – mobile device management software.  

What is Mobile Device Management Software?

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is any software that allows companies to keep track of their devices in case it is lost, broken, damaged, or stolen. It can automate and control the administrative policies on all the devices connected to the organization. It is one of the top technology trends that will save the company and the employees.  

Basically, in a time of crisis, it allows the organization to erase or lock all the critical confidential data which could otherwise ruin the company. Mostly, the employees who are deployed with organizational devices have this immense pressure to be careful with it. Still, a person could be so cautious, let alone stress themselves, to the point of returning the device.

And god forbid, if it is stolen, how deftly they will be punished. Hence, this is where Mobile Device Management Software will come to the rescue. Think of it as an antivirus saving the device from damage, and imagine not worrying about taking the data backup because it is all there on the cloud.

Keeping control in the employer’s hand, the employee is provided with a device with pre–installed apps and software that will be used by the employee to perform their task. With MDM software, the company can track, monitor, troubleshoot, and even wipe device data in the event of theft, loss, or a detected breach.

Features of an Mobile Device Management Software:

A Mobile Device Management Software should have the following features to make it the best of the best. Otherwise, it is simply a waste of money and resources.

  • Security

Security feature ensures that your mobile data is being protected. If this feature is working out properly, then it will be able to detect the compromised device and take care of the situation.

It will also be able to detect malware, allows, and dentist applications too. It will monitor outbound commission, block all the commission, alerts the users, and prevents the data from getting into the wrong hands.  

  • Data Wiping

There is no use if the MDM software does not have a data-wiping feature. Losing the device is one thing, but failing your competitors who can hack it and use it to their advantage is next level. And you don’t want things to turn ugly.

Thus, if there are chances that the stolen device will not be retracted at any cost, the data wiping feature comes in handy. The company should be able to wipe the data remotely from wherever the device is.  

  • Location Detection Turned On

Location Detection is not just about locating the lost or stolen device. It will also provide custom options to lock a few apps as soon as the employee steps out of the company premises. Their location will be known, and their activities can be tracked and monitored. And demographic terms and conditions like the device shall not be taken away from certain miles from the office, and if done so, it will auto-lock itself. 

  • Responsive Integration

The Mobile Device Management Software that your company chooses should be one that can run on all kinds of devices. The mobile device management software shouldn’t be limited to mobile phones, even though the name suggests.

Because there might be people who own devices other than mobile phones for them, responsive integration of software is necessary. 

  • BYOD Integration

Not everyone will be getting the company phone because not every company is big enough to have a lot of phones for all the employees, but that shouldn’t limit software. It is something that can be installed in every phone with the option to uninstall or lock it once they are out of the premises. 

Plus, it will save the company’s cost of allotting every employee a phone, tablet, or Macbook and even still functioning however it is required to. 

Reasons your company needs Mobile Device Management software

Generally, there are no significant reasons for the company to get Mobile Device Management Software unless they want to protect the devices allotted to their employees and protect the confidential data from getting stolen, but here are a few other reasons:

  1. Data security is the top reason, and the second one is low cost. With BYOD integration, the company doesn’t need to provide a separate device for all the employees. It can be integrated into the employee’s device itself and be beneficial.
  2. The company can control the application usage, promoting work–life balance. Also, it will prevent the employee from misusing the company’s resources.
  3. Depending on the size of the company, a single device could be used by multiple employees, which is why it is necessary to keep track of inventory as well, and that is when MDM software comes to the rescue.
  4. When MDM software is centrally managed, it reduces the cost of employing admin departments that need to keep track of devices, data, staff, etc. One can install, uninstall, and update the software from one management dashboard.
  5. Every industry has specific rules about protecting the data, and getting the data leaked can not only be dangerous to the company but individuals who are their customers and clients. Thus, password-protected software must be installed to adhere to such rules and regulations. 

Key Takeaway From This Article:

If you have read till here, you must know what’s coming next. Yes, your company/business needs MDM software. It is a fantastic addition to the industry that runs primarily on mobile devices. Everyone in the company, who owns a gadget, should have mobile device management software installed in it. 


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