What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming allows people to play video games remotely from a cloud server. Traditionally, video games needed to be run locally on hardware like gaming consoles or Cassettes. It required both the game and the hardware to run it. But sometimes to access a larger library and enjoy a game fully, you would need a better PC.

That is where cloud gaming services came in. Through Cloud, gaming players are renting access to a remote server capable of running a variety of games, like choosing a movie to watch on Netflix.

What are Cloud Gaming Services?

To watch a movie or a web series whenever you want, we have platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. In the same way, to play a game whenever one wants, we have Cloud gaming services. 

Cloud gaming is a streaming service that provides high-quality gaming at the cost of internet bandwidth and server space, where users pay for access to advanced hardware to stream content.

The cloud gaming companies operate on a subscription basis. There are various types of subscription models for cloud gaming services. Some services charge you by the hour, or even by the minute to access their remote hardware.

How does it work?

Take Google Stadi, it uses proprietary tech based on Linux. A super-powerful server at one of the company’s data centers starts running when a user logs into the service and picks a game to play. From the data center, this server then sends a feed of that game running to users’ homes where they can communicate with it via the Chrome browser or a Chromecast Ultra.

The service logs your inputs using a controller or keyboard and sends them back to the server, which then carries them out and streams the result back to the user. This approach does introduce some input latency, but it is practically indistinguishable from a local gaming console with the proper home network conditions.

How much does it cost?

The cost of cloud gaming services completely depends on the service provider one chooses. For ex-Google stadia costs $9.99 per month whereas the Nvidia GeForce Now can be tried free with $5 per month for premium users.

5 best cloud gaming services.


Shadow is a solitary company. They offer a gigantic gaming library, high-performance gaming, and a major accessibility period with 4k streaming in Ultra High Definition without latency issues. 

GeForce Now

GeForce Now offers an efficient cloud gaming service with only an $8 subscription with Ultra Streaming.


It offers cloud gaming services through an app on Android and iOS with a subscription fee of $9.99. 

Project Xcloud

Project Xcloud gaming service is headed by Microsoft and currently is in the preview period.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is one of the best cloud gaming platforms. It supports any device that runs Google Chrome and offers a 4k experience at 60fps with Chromecast.

This blog explains everything you need to know about Cloud Gaming and Cloud Gaming services. The cloud gaming market is expected to be worth 3,107 million in 2024. Cloud gaming will soon become a huge force in the gaming industry or could be the new future of the gaming industry.

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