Whether you’re someone who has been interested in tech since you were a kid or exploring it for the first time, we want all women to know that there is room for them to learn, explore and lead in the modern tech industry. It’s no secret that women face many challenges when breaking into tech. And while there is much progress being made, it’s clear that more needs to be done.

With this blog, we are thrilled to announce our latest campaign, ‘Girls who code.’

We wanted to celebrate the extraordinary talent and achievements of women in tech and make them visible to everyone. Women are making a difference in the world but still are outnumbered. Our new campaign aims to change that.

With this campaign, we hope to inspire girls everywhere to see themselves in these powerful stories and embrace their own potential as programmers and creators.

Presenting Girls who code

At Deqode, we want all our team members to succeed and reach their potential, so we provide ample opportunities to take on leadership roles. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to fostering creativity, innovation, and growth, and we are committed to continuing to create a workplace where everyone can thrive and succeed. 

Let’s meet the women who code behind the scenes at Deqode:

Nirmala Malviya, Senior Solution Engineer

Please tell us about your journey

“As a kid, I loved solving math puzzles. So studying computer science in college was a natural choice. Programming was something I thoroughly enjoyed. After graduating, I landed a role as a software engineer at Deqode.”

How did your love for tech begin?

“For me, a fascinating aspect of tech is problem-solving. As a child, I was inclined towards solving problems and helping people, tech allowed me to build products that do just that.”

What is one of the Myths about a career in tech?

“People often assume that if you study computer science engineering, you will be stuck behind a computer writing codes all day. But in reality, A career in tech offers versatility and lets you choose many different roles and paths that you are passionate about.”

What’s that one piece of advice that you would give to young techies?

“Believe in yourself, especially during hard times and failures. If you don’t believe in yourself, then it doesn’t matter how talented or hard-working you are. You need to overcome the fear of failure to grab the opportunities that come your way.”

Muskan Soni, Solution Engineer

Prachi Goyal, Solution Engineer

Please tell us about your journey 

“As a junior, I was entrusted with several responsibilities which gave me the opportunity to learn and grow quickly. Throughout my journey, I received a lot of support from managers, who even offered to mentor me, and made me feel more confident and secure.”

Who is your role model?

“My mother. From the beginning, she pursued her teaching career while juggling family responsibilities; this paved the way for me and also motivated me to keep doing what I love.”

How did your love for tech begin?

“My fascination for tech began when I enrolled in a robotics workshop in my college.” 

Any advice for young techies?

“Forget about being perfect. Make mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes failures are your best teachers as it motivates you to try things.”

Anushka Solanki, Solution Engineer

We hope these stories will inspire young girls everywhere to follow their dreams and pursue careers in computer science, mathematics, and engineering — regardless of gender!

Like what you read? Watch this space for the latest on #LifeAtDeqode and exciting updates and insights as we help our clients, partners, and team rise above and beyond! To explore career opportunities, check out Careers at Deqode. 


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