Deqode has always fostered an environment that values the well-being of our team. One of our core values, ‘being empathetic and compassionate’ demonstrates this. We believe that keeping our people healthy and fulfilled in their personal lives and careers helps them perform their best every day. As a result, the support we provide to our team members does not end with them leaving the office.

As defined by the World Health Organization, wellness can be understood as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,” and expressed as “a positive approach to living.” It is an ongoing process of staying aware while making choices for a healthy and fulfilling life.  

Creating a culture of wellness - Deqode

One can effectively manage stress by taking care of our mind and body and being present in the moment. 

In recent years, mental wellness has become the forefront of benefits across companies, and it has grown only stronger during the pandemic. One of the silver linings is that it normalized mental health challenges, and the conversations around wellness across the workplace increased. 

Promoting well-being means offering the team much more than health insurance and gym membership. Today, well-being starts with care and compassion. With the DQ wellness program, our goal is to make our team know that they are not alone and that the company acknowledges and supports them. We aim to create an inclusive environment where team members can bring their whole selves to work each day and keep coming back!

When it comes to wellness, we follow a holistic approach, focused on all the aspects that influence one’s well-being. It connects existing programs such as financial assistance, flexible working, partnerships with Uplife, and other initiatives to bring resources that increase the conversations around mental health at Deqode. 

Let’s look at some recent efforts that are helping us create a thriving work culture

International Yoga Day


Chair Yoga

We’re making progress in developing more ideas to enhance the work environment for our team. Stay tuned till then.


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