“When team members are satisfied with their company’s time and location flexibility, they are 2.6x happy and recommend working for the company” according to the Global Talent Trends report 2022.

The pandemic has encouraged people to prioritize their well-being and seek more control over why, where, and when they work. It has become essential for companies to flex to the max by allowing their team to — have more purpose, more flexibility, and more empathy. 

It is time for companies to rethink their business models, values, and even culture as the demand for flexibility increases. Many have started seeing flexibility as an opportunity for organizational transformation allowing their team flex-time options.

Deqode has always been comfortable with allowing and managing flexibility with our approach, allowing our team to work anytime and anywhere. But how does that work, and what opportunities and difficulties might arise from this? 

Let’s dig deeper and find out from our team member who has had this experience.

“I see Deqode as a really flexible organization and a unique employer. To be honest, Deqode is just like a new-age, welcoming workplace – right in line with today’s times!” 

Firstly, how did you come up with the decision to work from your hometown?

The idea to work flexibly from my hometown came up after the long period of lockdowns and curfews. During the pandemic, I became a new parent and that really brought me closer to my family and my wife who also works full-time. I have always stayed away due to my job and was unable to give them as much time as I wanted. 

My parents had health issues and the toll of taking care of a newborn baby alone for my wife was too much. They needed me and I realized I had to stay with them. That’s when it became really important for me to work flexibly considering my responsibilities. So, this motivated me to change my center of life.

How did Deqode’s approach to flexible working fit in here?

The flexible approach and work culture that’s progressive made it a 100% fit. When I described my situation, the management supported me completely. They have always been empathetic towards their people and they came forward to give me all the support I would have needed at that important time in my life.

I realized that working from home was easier and it was possible to deliver 100% of my projects, plus having the benefits of being with family energized me. It was a big and welcoming change and I felt much better understood as a member of this organization.

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What really changed for you in terms of your work?

I would say nothing changed for me as most people did not realize I was working from home, we had already been working remotely for more than 1.5 years, and all the projects I am currently working on were within a remote setting. 

How did this help you manage work and life?

Working from home gave me the freedom to shift my schedule, I start early in the morning and take longer breaks with my family around lunchtime. This helps me take advantage of the excellent weather in Nainital or just have a simple lunch near the waterfalls. 

I have to tell you, there are so many perks of working from home besides joining meetings in pyjamas just after you wake up from your sweet sleep. My favorite perk is having authentic ginger tea made by my wife. You can’t compare that to any tea in the world. I feel more productive now and this setting has helped me to give extra time to myself and my family. Undoubtedly, this has been hugely important for my personal development and well-being and I feel much less stressed than in my previous jobs.

Working from home, how do you bond with your teammates?

After the pandemic, we have become even more flexible in how we work. I take calls with my team members every day and we have interesting things to talk about throughout the call. I ensure that I visit my team every 2-3 months and we organize meetups and parties often. Recently I met all my teammates at Deqode’s annual party and it was amazing to see that I knew all of them personally even though we never met in person.

I found that remote connections can be built and it’s easier to stay in touch and know each member.  It helps that the management at Deqode has been incredibly understanding to those of us with caring responsibilities. We’ve got into a routine that seems to work for everyone.

What are your takeaways from working flexibly?

For me, working flexibly has given me a life that’s productive but not overwhelming, so I’m able to pursue goals outside of work. I am able to spend enough time with my family and work as per my schedule. If I could tell organizations to do one thing to support their team it would be to give people the option to work flexibly.

What advice would you give to your colleagues and readers?

WFH is definitely a perk but you must understand your work responsibilities and what the organization expects from you. And if you’re just starting out in your career, you must go for the experience of working from the office, it would help you learn from the environment as well as your colleagues.

Learn more about how you can work flexibly at Deqode.

Work your way

True flexibility helps our team to achieve gains in performance and work-life needs. Our leaders set goals and ensure resources to make flexibility possible. It helps our team to experience wellness, enjoy team communications, and avoid burnout. 

We empower our team to create and manage their workplace flexibility allowing them to have:

  • Freedom to manage time as per their schedule. We trust our people to get the job done during the hours of their choosing, or set their own schedules.
  • Freedom to work as per comfort and productivity. We encourage our people to choose their happy space as per convenience.   

We care about agility, accountability, and results, not face time. By allowing flextime, our team members get a greater latitude in selecting their hours of work as per their personal needs. Since then, Deqoders are leveraging this flexibility to build fulfilling careers while balancing their personal life with great ease. 

Sounds good? So come and join us!

With the new normal, we will continue to actively invest in redefining the experience of our innovators and building a truly hybrid workplace. Stay tuned till then!


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