Our History.

New world, same people.

Deqode has a robust history, which began when a group of technical architects and consultants established Techracers. Despite having the same executives, we ideologically progressed in 2019. Hence, adopting a new name and brand identity was the need of the times.

Deqode expresses what we have become as an organization as well as what we hope to be - a solution provider that transcends the boundaries of traditional information technology companies and decodes business problems with quality solutions, quickly delivered.

Core Values.

Our core values define the culture of our company, and our purpose.

Core Values
Determination to provide exceptional service

Deqode team is driven to help customers like you transform their businesses through the power of technology. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Democracy of thoughts

We build open and honest relationships with communication - internally and externally. We encourage our employees to be adventurous, creative and open-minded.

Development of long-term relationships

We invest in relationships. With the resources of an enterprise, we ensure that every single one of our customer is given personal care and support of a dedicated organization.

Demystification of blockchain technology

For us, blockchain is a feature of all applications that will make sense for it to be applied for the exchange of secure information. The goal with this is to demystify blockchain to our customers - who won't even know there's a blockchain underneath.

Delivery of value-based solutions

We take special care delivering solutions that create value for our customers. We enable clients to utilize the power of technology to become high- performance businesses by consistently delivering value.

Ankur Maheshwari
Ankur Maheshwari

Chief Executive Officer

Latha Sharma
Latha Sharma

Chief Marketing Officer


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