Deqode sponsored and participated in the Corporate Cricket league organized by Corpfit and Decathlon in Indore

Press Releases February 25, 2023

Deqode, a 400+ members strong IT services company is proud to announce its participation as a sponsor of the T8 Corporate Cricket Tournament held on the 25th and 26th of February, 2023. The tournament featured 12 corporate teams competing with each other with zeal and enthusiasm. The tournament…

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Everest Group Names Deqode a Major Contender in its Report ‘Enterprise Blockchain Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020’

Press Releases November 15, 2022

Deqode, a global leader in blockchain solutions and end-to-end services, today announced that Everest Group, a leading research and consulting firm, has named it a major contender in its ‘Enterprise Blockchain Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020’. The Blockchain…

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Deqode Recognized by GoodFirms as the Best Company to Work With

Press Releases November 2, 2022

Web3, a technology built upon the blockchain basics, is gaining high traction these days, and it is all set to create a revolution in how businesses operate. More precisely, it is about ownership and transparency in every business transaction. On the other hand…

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Deqode announces the launch of its new Non-Fungible Tokens wing.

Press Releases April 21, 2021


Deqode, a global leader in blockchain solutions and end-to-end services today, announced that they are starting a new NFT division that will focus solely on NFT development. Deqode has been in the blockchain industry for the past five years and has worked on some of the biggest crypto projects. They will….

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Radical Ethereum entrepreneurs are redefining what ‘rape kit’ means

Press Releases March 4, 2021

Leda health, one of the biggest names in the women’s healthcare industry developed its DIY sexual assault evidence collection kit with the help of deqode.

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Deployment Automation: How Companies are Speeding up Code-to-Cloud

Press Releases February 26, 2021

Deployment automation has become a popular practice with the DevOps explosion. It includes the automatic release of code that passes into production, making updates rapid, and more accessible to the users. Along with deployment automation, there is a clear advancement in fast code-to-cloud deployment tools. These tools….

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Deqode’ CEO Ankur Maheshwari sat with Shore Teams on their Podcast to give an insightful Tech Talk.

Press Releases November 4, 2020

With a keen focus on the latest technology and growing entrepreneurs, Shore Team invited Ankur Maheshwari to discuss various domains of Technology and his journey in building a successful company like deqode.

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Deqode’s CEO Ankur Maheshwari in an interview with GoodFirms

Press Releases October 14, 2019

With a keen focus on delivering the best-customized blockchain solutions to clients and fostering their business, Deqode was established in 2012. It has offices in India and the United States. Although located in 2 places, it has embarked on its name globally across all continents. Majorly…

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GoodFirms Acknowledged Deqode as a Top Blockchain Development Company In USA

Press Releases April 11, 2019

The main purpose of Deqode is to practice new-age technologies in order to solve the complexities of different businesses. This allows the company to grab the attention of the users when searching for the top blockchain development company enlisted at GoodFirms. The company…

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