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Built the AllStars Trader (AST) platform, a revolutionary brokerage allowing anyone to trade CFDs, based on real people, alongside traditional trading products.


Aqua Digital, part of the Aqua community, is a next-generation alternative asset and esports platform. It is the first company to use Big Data, AI, algorithms, mathematics, and analytics to construct real-time indices on people, and use that data for esports.

Aqua approached Deqode seeking solid frontend expertise and proficiency in UI/UX.

  • 9+ Developers
  • 12+ Months Engagement
  • Web Solutions


In 2020, Aqua decided to launch their marketplace - AllStars Trader, offering users to trade exciting new alternative asset CFDs, based on real people, alongside traditional trading products such as FX, commodities, oil, metals, and cryptocurrencies. At that time, the performance output was only 9% with poor user interface, flickering UI, and cache problems among others. Due to poor code quality and delays, the costs were increasing and it was high time to revamp the application and work on performance enhancements.

The new platform needed to be built from scratch in 9 months, with interactive UI/UX, separate trading accounts, affiliate programs, live match statistics and API solutions to quickly integrate and adapt as per changing customer needs. Another key challenge was moving from React.js to Next.js which required additional expertise.


As a test task, our developers built a Match centre for AllStars Trade - the main component of their business. They were impressed with the ideas and the same was implemented in their platform with minor changes.


Our developers developed a demo account where users can sign-up, practice, and understand the price activities. We also created an Affiliate Program where users can run their own digital campaigns, share referral links on social media channels, or organize their own offline seminars. The team integrated an API solution that is available for full integration of the ADRIX indices sports stock CFDs with the MT5 platform.

Happy with the results, the client asked us to work on its other esports projects, Attix Matrix (Aqua Bet) and AllStars Play.


  • Built the AllStars Trader (AST) platform, a revolutionary brokerage allowing anyone to trade CFDs, based on real people, alongside traditional trading products
  • Moved the entire application with testing from React.js to Next.js within 15 working days
  • Introduced three types of users in the AST platform: Live user, B2B, and Demo user to support different functionalities
  • Improved the web application performance by 60% with lighthouse
  • A KendoReact (Telerik) was used to implement real-time match timeline, statistics charts, and price updates for cryptocurrencies
  • Integrated Secure Payment Gateway and Token-based KYC verification process for the traders


We successfully delivered the first product and partnered for their next esports project - Attix Matrix (Aqua Bet) and AllStars Play.


In just three months, AllStars Trade’s productivity climbed 20% and time spent on manual work was split in half; as a result, the company managed to expand its offering from football to cricket, soccer, hockey, and other games.

We plan to upgrade the AllStars Trade application with additional expertise to enhance performance by 100%, connecting their different platforms to a range of critical tools, and seamlessly integrating the profiles of players.

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