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A $1.1B market-cap financial technology company trusted by 35,000 Australian businesses.

About the client.

As a leading company focused solely on solving business finance for merchants. The purpose of the client was to help traders with not only invoicing, accounts, and cards, but everything one can expect from a business bank, but better.

  • 7+ Developers
  • 18+ months Engagement
  • Mobile Solution
Fendom Sports


Drawn to our team’s extensive frontend experience and status as a preferred mobile partner, client tasked us with supporting and adding new features to their built-in application, leveraging best mobile practices.

We began by conducting extensive surveys and market research to gain insights into what features and services Australian businesses found most relevant. This customer-centric approach allowed us to develop solutions that truly cater to their needs.

Next, we improved the functionality that would empower the client to offer invoicing and money transfer services and easy access to information. Next, we built a catalog management service that made it possible to maintain their stock and categorize their products efficiently.

Finally, we upgraded the batch item import service just in time for the product release — losing zero data or functionality in the process.

Work Done.

  • Simplified stock tracking and product management by building a comprehensive catalog management feature allowing businesses to easily track and manage their inventory, simplifying the process of product management
  • Streamlined invoicing processes, allowing customization of recurring invoices, and reduced late payments with our powerful invoicing solution. This helped businesses to generate invoices and send them to clients, while automated email reminders were sent for due invoices
  • Saved time and effort by enabling businesses to create or update inventory in bulk with our efficient batch item import feature
  • Provided convenience and flexibility by adding relevant functionalities to the mobile application, including account creation, physical or virtual cards generation, and information accessibility
  • Improved financial control within the application allowing merchants to effortlessly track transactions, gain valuable insights, and facilitate fund transfers directly from the mobile app

The Result.

Our high-quality deliverables and strategic tech stack choices not only quenched client’s thirst for innovation but also helped them significantly leverage their mobile application, attracting over 35,000 Australian merchants and raising additional revenue.

Powered by our solution, the company has gone on to form partnerships with some of the world’s best banks and even launched innovative products like terminal and corporate cards.

Tech Stack.