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How we scaled the developement team of a leading travel add-on company.

About the client.

Holiday Extras is a leading travel add-on company across the UK. With a network of 8,000 travel agents and 4,000 exclusive partnerships, their purpose is to make travel hassle-free for global customers.

  • 15+ Developers
  • 15+ Months Engagement
  • Mobile and Web solution


Holiday Extras is a rapidly growing company with an operationally complex and wider structure. HX has more than 1000 repositories and areas that require more than technical skills. The integration requirements with the web and mobile application of HX demands close coordination and dependency planning among multiple stakeholders.

With an increasing customer base and real-time transactions, it was crucially important for the company to be able to provide a highly efficient website to customers. However, the increased attrition rate of in-house designers and the high costs of hiring was a real challenge for the HX team.


Holiday Extras realized that it could not scale quickly enough to meet the demands of its expanding business, which was limited due to its website. They needed a development team quickly and wanted the right mix of technical skills, culture, time zone, and cost.

Deqode’s web development services are scalable and flexible which is what HX needed to provide their users with an excellent web experience. We provided a top talent-dedicated team that consisted of React.js and Node.js experts. Our experts conducted deep research to consider every factor and implement solutions.



  • We built a new website layout, redesigned the pages, developed new features, and upgraded the existing ones to serve clients more efficiently
  • We introduced important features, for example, created gradient backgrounds, headers, booking pages, payment, and booking cancellation flows among others
  • We used Browserify to test compatibility with different devices and enhance performance
  • We configured several user interface elements to make them more intuitive
  • We elevated the look and feel of the website without missing a beat

Since then, they have elected to add more Node.js and React.js developers to the mix, serving as an extension to the Holiday Extras’s off-site dev team.

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