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A Forbes 30 under 30 company creating unique survivor-centric solutions to prevent sexual assault and promote healing.


More than 77% of the sexual assaults are not reported in the United States and there is an inadequate number of sexual assault examiners in the nation. There are a sheer amount of sexual assault survivors who do not go to the hospital immediately after the assault. It is probably due to how the survivors may feel physically and mentally and the impact this could have on reporting.

In 2019, Madison Campbell one of many sexual assault survivors decided against reporting and founded Leda Health, in the hope to create positive change for survivors like herself - who may not be able to go to a hospital immediately after an assault.

  • 7+ Developers
  • 13+ Months Engagement
  • Mobile and Web solution


Leda Health is a company founded for survivors, by survivors. It aims to not only transform forensic evidence collection and testing with advanced technology but also to bridge the gap between survivors, professionals and supportive communities and aid them in their recovery process. Leda believes that for sexual assault survivors, restoration of autonomy and administration of care is of utmost importance.

Following a failed attempt with a previous vendor unable to satisfy their ever-growing development needs, Madison was referred to Deqode by a former client of ours. In order to arrive at a functional solution faster and at scale, their team tapped into our backend and mobile capabilities. Their main purpose was to create a full-blown mobile application that connects users with licensed doctors offering unique therapies and care plans.


Deqode augmented Leda Health’s existing in-house team as the scope of the work exceeded its resources and expertise, plus the company needed to move fast. With Deqode by their side, they could tap the expertise of 10 vetted, best-in-class developers in one month.

During this time, our team worked with Leda Health to build feature-rich iOS and Android applications from the ground up. Deqode engineers were key to the development of the survivor-centric segment involving user portal, admin APIs and a lab portal that streamlined testing, prevention, and diagnostic management for the users.

Our senior developers also set up a HIPPA compliant system and aided with AWS and Ethereum integrations. Our QA engineers and business analysts worked collaboratively with Leda Health to plan sprints, design and test resources, and ensure timely deliveries.



  • Developed a Nest.js, serverless framework based backend application for sexual assault prevention
  • Worked on a file service to upload and download video, image, audio, text files to AWS S3 using pre-signed URLs
  • Developed and integrated Ethereum smart contracts for document hash upload using web3.js library, Infura, and block native service
  • Built the STI testing service on the user portal from where users can access lab results, healing circle, and university-specific resources
  • Installed a chat support section where users can talk to nurses and healthcare professionals about their queries
  • Built and implemented a range of customized, business-critical integrations using AWS to enhance website functionality

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