What do Python programmers need to make their life easier?

The answer is frameworks. By automating the implementation of redundant tasks, frameworks cut development time and enable developers to focus greatly on application logic rather than routine elements. According to recent trends, Python’s popularity has been steadily increasing in the past decade or so, with approximately 15% of Stack Overflow questions tagged “python” in 2021. And as such, the corresponding technologies of Python gain similar popularity. It is common to see questions like “What is a Python framework?” or side-by-side Python framework comparisons.

To discuss it further, we sat together with two of our solution engineers, Sumit Chawla and Shubham Jain. The conversation will take you around topics like:

Python frameworks and how they work
Automation through Flask
Django and Flask use cases
What does the future of Python look like
Flask or Django, which one is better and why?
Can we use both Flask and Django frameworks together?
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March 22, 2023

8. Analysing Python Frameworks With Sumit Chawla and Shubham Jain

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