Frontend debugging can be challenging, but it’s an essential skill for any web developer. In this episode, we explore the intricacies of debugging, uncovering the tips, tricks, and best practices that can help you become a debugging maestro. Our guest, Surekha takes us on a journey through the common pitfalls and hurdles developers face when troubleshooting frontend issues. She shares her experiences and provides practical guidance on approaching and solving debugging challenges efficiently. From identifying and isolating bugs to utilizing powerful debugging tools, Surekha shares invaluable strategies that will empower you to overcome even the most stubborn issues. But this episode isn’t just about debugging techniques! We also discuss the importance of collaboration and communication between frontend and backend teams and the significance of user feedback in the debugging process. Surekha’s unique perspective sheds light on how effective teamwork and a user-centric approach can enhance the debugging experience and lead to superior front-end development. Tune in and get ready to debug like a pro!

June 19, 2023

Debugging Demystified: Frontend Edition

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