Managing a large-scale application can be tedious, especially when built without a well-planned structure and strict code organization strategy. It can lead to disaster during maintenance and should be avoided at all costs. This disaster is caused by changes made to the codebase and new features as the project grows in the user base.

Nest.js was built to offer solutions to such code structure and code organization strategy problems. It is one of the fastest-growing Node.js frameworks for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade backend applications.

To know more about this language we sat down with two of our solution engineers Chirag Agrawal and Prabhansh Dhagat and had a conversation around topics such as:

Nest and its use cases
Various libraries of Nest
Nest vs Express
Nest with Typescript
Is learning Nestjs worth the time and its future
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March 22, 2023

9. Understanding Nest JS | With Chirag Agrawal and Prabhansh Dhagat

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