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An innovative platform redefining the standards in social money.


The Roll network engages in minting digital tokens unique to the online presence of users. They allow users to own, control and coordinate the value built across platforms using the Ethereum blockchain.

Roll approached Deqode in search of a technology partner to support their digital ambitions. They wanted to create a frictionless digital experience for their customers. They also needed to empower their engineering team with more efficient ways to perform their duties.

  • 9+ Developers
  • 7+ Months Engagement
  • DevOps


Roll is one of the leading blockchain infrastructure companies for building social money on Ethereum, with funding of over $10M in the year 2021. At the heart of their business is the cloud infrastructure that helps in integrating digital platforms and services seamlessly.

Roll was facing challenges in the initial ramp-up and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure. In the early stages of mobilization, the teams suffered cross-coordination issues, and maintaining a high level of quality also proved to be difficult. The release of products was delayed, critical bugs slowed the processes, and led to exceeded business expectations.

Our DevOps engineers helped identify root causes and recommended solutions that would help in maintaining the infrastructure and ensuring new bug-free builds at the end of each sprint.


After a deep audit, the Deqode cloud team along with the Roll infrastructure crew built a resolution map. Our senior consultants started to manage the entire cloud infrastructure of Roll to improve the existing processes. As a result, the Roll team was able to optimize the overall development and release of products.



  • Initiated the domain management and implementation of security practices on the Cloudflare
  • Setup Kubernetes services
  • Created infra through Terraform Pritunal VPN setup
  • Automation and CI/CD approach implemented on CircleCI and DevOps best practices were introduced
  • Configured and setup RDS
  • Test Automation coverage increased up to 90% for Desktop and up to 50% for Mobile platforms
  • Managed and implemented blockchain secrets through AWS parameter store and secret manager

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