Smart Contract Development Services.

Wondering about using blockchain to save time and money for your business? If so, then smart contracts are the right solution for you. Execute commercial agreements and obligate all the parties involved in the contract automatically without any middleman with our smart contract development services. Apart from developing smart contracts in general, we also provide ethereum smart contract development services and smart contract audit services. Smart contract development can be done in different platforms such Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum or others. Our smart contract development and auditing services can help you automate all your tasks.

Our Smart Contract Development Services:
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Design & Implementation
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Audit

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ethereum smart contract development

Ethereum Smart Contracts are the pieces of codes that run on the Ethereum platform via Ethereum Virtual Machine. Smart contracts developed on Ethereum are more comprehensive when it comes to the language used for scripting. We analyse your requirements critically and provide all-inclusive Ethereum smart contract development services as per your platform requirements.

smart contracts business advantages

Smart contracts make businesses strong in terms of efficiency and financial savings. Adding to which, smart contracts hold the following advantages:

Business Automation

If your business involves regular transactions, smart contracts can be used to automate certain processes and workflows to make the functioning of the system smooth and error-free.

Tamper-proof Recordkeeping

Smart contracts make use of blockchain technology which is relied upon by many businesses to ensure transaction transparency. With the combination of smart contracts and blockchain for your business, you can prevent transactions and records against frauds.

Cost Savings

Many large-scale businesses rely on multiple actors and intermediaries who are responsible for authorization and verification during different phases of the project. By using smart contracts, you can eliminate these middlemen and save costs through their auto-execution and enforcement.

Payment processing

Businesses are making a shift in the way of making payments by accepting and exchanging them in the form of cryptocurrencies. You can do that too and save third party costs by adopting smart contracts and blockchain services.

where can smart contracts be used?

Finance Services and banking is the most obvious industry for the application of smart contracts as it requires transactions to be accurate. Utilizing smart contracts in transactions can reduce the chance of any errors while simplifying the process and securing the funds. Moreover, the accuracy of fund transfer is also assured with smart contracts.


Healthcare industry is majorly comprised of huge datasets. Using blockchain smart contracts while sharing patient data between platforms can ensure its security and improve the collaboration between data providers, doctors and hospitals. When accurate and secure data is used, the chances of accuracy in diagnosis also increase.

Logistics/Supply Chain

Smart contracts when applied in the supply chain can provide a chain-of-custody for products which can only be accessed via authorized personnel. Products in the supply chain can be tracked at each point with the help of smart contracts which in turn helps in compliance and handling procedures.

Real Estate

In the real-estate industry, smart contracts can ensure transparency and safety as they can be verified and automatically enforced without human intervention. Events like rental payments can be automatically triggered and delivered as per the schedule, eliminating the constant need for agents, lenders etc.


Smart contracts can be used in the energy sector to automatically release energy storage in order to meet the energy deficiency according to its need. Moreover, the network flow and energy storage can directly be controlled. Smart contracts can be utilized for energy trading in a peer-to-peer network.

smart contract development process

Reduction in cost of transactions and higher security is what makes smart contracts beneficial for businesses across industries. Due to automatic procedures, processes involving manpower are eliminated resulting in much lower costs. We create reliable and secure smart contracts using Ethereum and Solidity to enable your business to address the customized needs. Our smart contract development process is executed in the following manner.

Smart Contract Development Process
smart contracts audit

Once a smart contract is developed, the next process in line is to get it it audited. A Smart Contract audit is the process investigating smart contract code carefully to find bugs, vulnerabilities and risks before the code is deployed and used in the main network where it won’t be modifiable. No matter which platform you choose for developing your smart contract, it is highly important to have a smart contract security audit done. Whether you need to get blockchain smart contracts developed or audit your smart contracts, you can count on us.

We perform code audits for organizations by reviewing their smart contracts code and writing each and every issue detected in an actionable report. This includes potential code problems, security recommendations as well as general analysis. Our experience with smart contracts auditing enables us to analyse frontend, backend as well as the logic of applications. Deqode smart contract audit service comes with a promise of accuracy and preciseness.

Why smart contracts audit?

Adequate due diligence is highly important while making any investment in a project. Any smart contract code that is susceptible to errors can compromise huge funds stored on it. Making sure that smart contract code is secure not only helps companies, it also benefits the entire blockchain ecosystem

While there are various reasons why smart contract audits are essential, some of the core benefits are:

  • Reduced risk of potential hacks
  • Code optimization and increased efficiency
  • Business logic adherence
  • Reduction in overall operations cost and unexpected revenue losses
Smart contract audit process

We at Deqode, perform code audits for organizations by reviewing their smart contracts code and writing each and every issue detected in an actionable report. Following are the steps that we follow while auditing your smart contract.

Multiple Reviewers

Two heads are better than one! We follow the same adage when it comes to security audit of your smart contracts. Our smart contract audit services includes a double review of the entire code (Line-By-Line)

Grading System

The code to be reviewed will receive a grade for each of these categories- Security, Optimization and Code Legibility. Each category starts with a grade of A+ . As we discuss the detected issues, the grades will be lowered accordingly. The amount by which the grades are lowered is at the discretion of the reviewer.

Automated Auditing

We use the publicly available static code analysis tools to automatically detect the possible vulnerabilities in your code. While these tools are used in the development phase as well, the auditing phase performs a double check.

Manual Auditing

We follow an extensive checklist of items in order to complete our manual auditing process. These include thorough checking for all discovered attacks such as reentrancy issues, short address attacks, locked money, DOS patterns etc.

why choose us?
  • End-to-end blockchain deployment capabilities
  • Experience working on 50+ blockchain projects and implementations
  • Dedicated audit team of business analysts and blockchain architects
  • Audited projects among top 50 ICOs listed on Coindesk
  • Expertise in major blockchain frameworks (NEO, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Graphene, EOS, Corda R3 etc.)
  • High-end smart contract solutions
  • Extensive experience in both automated and manual analysis
  • Security experts for system-wide analysis